Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hyundai is one of the world's largest automobile company, also known in India for a small car at a reasonable price. Santoro, the company introduced the first big hit, he was still managed to sell at a decent price. However, the real size of Korean cars in the I10. Global Compact was launched in 2007 and manufactured in modern factories in Chennai, India, has been exported to the world. With the advent of new competitors, with a wave at the beginning of several new small car, the company must give the process much needed update I10.

Hyundai I10 is based on the new design in Korean companies, including the design and many features more aggressive, updated for 2011. The beauty, however, regardless of its predecessor, the I10 is not intended to distinguish. This is an update of the engine, known now as Kaba 2. In a system with variable valve timing, I10 is more humble and friendly. Rapidly to reach 0 - 60kmph, the kappa engine provides a top speed of 160kmph and 100kmph in less than 14 seconds two-up I10. Importantly, in addition, these performance values, κ2 and the ratification of the mark and efficient fuel consumption 21kmpl Arai is to keep the most fuel-efficient vehicles in India.

Fit and finish is the best building in this area is the highest quality from the rest of the class. Ride has a little elasticity, where dealing with. I10 engine for rapid and is suitable for processing on the eve of the city. The gearbox is one of the best butter smooth. Switch, like that old style is still there, you can make the position of the arm on the dashboard to quickly and very unique.

Santa Fe, including the proposed high-end and I20, introduction of a new tradition of modern Request new blue color seen in the same way. Yes, it looks good but may sometimes cause eye damage if you go to maximum brightness. However, because you can adjust the brightness, there is no need to worry.

We are like best about the best version of the 2011 Hyundai Motor Company's new is the scope of the company's success has given rise to unique features for a small price to him. We want, the diesel engine is a diesel hatchback that will be the country's most popular I10.

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