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Mitsubishi gives entry-level lift.

Mitsubishi Lancer and quick thinking, mentioning the name of evil looking, fun car sinners may come to mind - the word "Evo" As long as there is. Unfortunately, the Lancer family is now deeply divided, and small models, and pass on my uniform decay patterns are developed in engineering, several points of distinction. Lack of brand recognition factor, which makes me wonder the Civic and Corolla and Mazda 3 compact cars in the dust blowing in the face of Mitsubishi six consecutive years and not have it.

Lancer 2008, vigorous efforts to spread the excitement throughout the line. Mitsubishi Lancer under the hood, the annual high-tech four-cylinder engine sits a little to the original, the first continuously variable (CVT) and the transfer is that it comes with. Guidance and comments, Lancer team stricter packaging, new features in the new jazzed-up with the right more secure, drilled some extra room in the cabin, the list of options, the high-end electronics leads. Finally, the term "on the back of the pattern of fire" is taken, the new body can be seen in the same way hot. Lancer land where people are now living and minimum wage.

However, the usefulness of the best foot forward, the Mitsubishi Lancer must have the upper hand in trimming your dog motivated the GTS. In addition to increasing its level in mid-line ES model - 18-inch wheels and sports suspension with an average of the front strut tower brace, bigger brakes, and manual gear Sportronic, fog lamps, rear spoiler, chrome exhaust, sports seats , 6 speakers, motion transmission and leather steering wheel, cell phone Bluetooth connection thermostat - $ 2000, navigation, and - it sounds package test $ 0.1500 Sun's car all of us (Foz gate stereo, 6 disc CD MP3 Changer , MP3 jack, Sirius Satellite Radio Sun Roof, Rockford) teched the technology package (touch screen, 30 GB hard drives, digital music server, and the introduction of the FAST key, navigation system). Oh, and just how you like: a rich democracy.

Riding and driving

Mitsubishi, in recent times, "hot" part is proud to provide support for a seat on some points of time and after a few minutes. To maintain good and strong and passionate tradition, the steering wheel of a low flow rate. The new 2.0-liter engine, to take a huge leap of 27% during the first Lancer to the expulsion of 152 horsepower and sound nature of the charge, meaning that they listen to the horse. They are, however, you can paddle on the steering wheel to change to be able to throw six speed hold the index finger on a whim. Including compact cars: What is the concept.

And can be. Seconds to 60 mph acceleration 9 (OK) takes a 118 foot (large) stop to stop, and 0.86 g of tire grip in the corners (excellent) was stuck. Secessionist confidence can push the boundaries of the Lancer, and CVT transmission is precise, predictable steering and tires give the true nature of the trigger finger of the rake in the response.

However, the desire of the Lancer sports car, it feels a half - to mix the ingredients the chef probably some. Can be conveniently managed to cure, remains true feel of the road arm's length, the sheer size of the engine and engineers have mistakenly believed that it can not compensate for a sound like nonsense The. In addition, Mitsubishi Lancer requires a new plan for corporate meals, the latest data. Many of these horses from the outside, and feel 3126 pounds that explains why they jump the fence, the Galant outporks our future generations models clock in the test.

Interfere with the enjoyment of everyday life and habits Lancer. The CVT seems a lot can be combined with the relationship between engine speed and transport - this problem is worse for your response on how to start accounting for the dead, rush forward. Summit of the greedy, the stud brake and slow, has a daily driver with a fair share of dips and spikes. In order to support and take concrete impressions clompity the GTS and road noise levels not to bite.

However, Lancer and the rear wheels and tires, you may feel that the different multi-ride suspension and sophisticated comfort. The stiffness and stability at all speeds, according to a considerable degree on the new Lancer and probably why emotions. Anti-lock disc brakes are standard (except model DE) stop the car in this class are safe for shorter distances and are rare. The ability to record up to 28 mpg on the soft compound tire to add air and global communication systems, (which has 24 of the total) are impressive, gallons of fuel a major new reservoir is 15.3 and hiking 350 miles You can light the light in front of fuel-efficient. Lancer and strength, and we know that most of them can not have filled a lot to do with sports.

Outside and inside

Mitsubishi, however, take many more breakthroughs in the field of sports from the inside. Such as the Mazda 3 Mitsubishi Lancer is to dare to be different, fill in the picture in all its forms is not clear, but this black metal, so it's out of fashion. The first of these, but get a jarring effect, a number of "cool" I say, cast a minority.

We can agree that the controls work well for all of the Lancer. Logic to facilitate access to most standard controls, Mitsubishi, reading, Lancer, tariffs, please follow the cup holders and storage space and small sections. You can find the meaning of quality (except for the color to feel like a bubble filled coathangers) relatively higher in most of the elements of the FAST key, will allow easy access to the doors and trunk, eventually to Mitsubishi deserves love, a unique gear lever that allows the driver through the line and shift paddles on the steering wheel and standard transmission.

Navigation system has lost the people who work at some point comfortably. It is often the stereo controls on the demand of existing rights is one of those touchscreen systems in order to make the entrance to dig deeper and take away. Menu control and a little logic out from most of the Japanese system, the decision to expel the first button on the screen 12 lines around the eyes is very much needed - almost simultaneously.

However, the interface is a little silly, does not destroy the effectiveness of any system. And Lancer Rockford, six-cylinder-compatible MP3 - Fozugeto are armed with at least nine speakers and 650 watts of power with clarity, resonant bass and Spike's ear, most of the amendments is sufficient. Sonic will be the absolute power of all this is remarkable, "Heat", which can hit the pioneers of the Suzuki Scion tC.

The ratio of any particular school, I have a navigation system that uses the term grammar in some detail, using, and fun enough to understand the environment for rapid capacity hard disk-based computation while driving the rarest of the rare, and you can program it. Huzzah!

Comfort is to paint a similar picture: while some small footnote, the Lancer has the basics covered. Small arms and look away a little bit of wheel and seat, the driver's seat adjusts six ways, wrapped in a nice texture and feel like, and hot for five minutes or five hours later. The rear seat will give the illusion of sitting in the hall, make sure it is Bruce's heart felt better than the body has a high belt line. And leg, but fortunately it is (perhaps still too high), it is the front pad is mounted higher than last year, compared to more foot room are covered in a decent and hiproom. Angle and backrest angle is more to the liking of some than others.

This current

When all is said and finished it, is to rebuild the radicals to change the location of the compact Lancer crowded classes? Please do not vote during the compact sports. But only one, among the highest recorded in the practice of all "feel" GTS Lancer, Mazda 3, compared with more power and driving a few pounds, a sophisticated engine and transmission, and more fun . In the photo the same can be said for throwing Scion tC two-door car.

Lancer ES chassis set according to the natural movements of the car-oriented and comfortable, it is better to bet on mid-level model of the. However, for citizens and good old Toyota Corolla, Lancer Systems to pay for out-of-tune, for his grace and economy in the two less fuel is still some of the MPG.

This leaves a Lancer in some other way to respond. First, the teacher's tool. Currently, only audio Lancer Scion division, Honda, Mazda, you can compare all of the navigation system. Then, all the best Mitsubishi warranty (Basic million miles / 6 years 5 / 100,000 powertrain 10 years) and won the storage industry, Hyundai and Kia Motors, and illustrates the current practice, it is from any be reliable. Finally, the Lancer is one of the most competitive price in the category of the $ 17,515 sticker of the ES model, which stands more than two thousands or more of the class leaders.

Last word

Lancer, buy a car in terms of cost and ease of use, but fine-tuned Mitsubishi Lancer, the Commission is worth to buy for people working with the best attributes of a recommendation and we can offer can add.

Vehicle Overview

MSRP (including destination), Mitsubishi Lancer GTS 2008: $ 19.115

Test Vehicle Options: Sun and Sound Package - Power moonroof 0.650 watt Rockford stereo gate Foz, 6 - MP3 CD changer, MP3 input jack, Sirius satellite radio ($ 1,500), Technology Package System - Navigation system for digitial music server maintenance recorder, calendar, and a 30 GB hard drive with 7-inch touch screen and measured, FAST key entry system (2000 $)

Price as tested: $ 22,615


Layout: Front engine, front-wheel drive /

Engine: 2.0 liter four-cylinder

Power: In the 152 6000 rpm

Torque: 4250 rpm for £ 146 million

Red line: 6500 RPM

Features: DOHC, 16 valves, variable valve timing

Construction: All aluminum

Transmission: CVT automatic transmission with manual transmission

Front suspension: 21 mm stabilizer bar and strut

Rear suspension: multi-drug resistant with a 20mm rod

Controls: Power rack and pinion

Command gear ratio: 15.2:1

Brakes: Ventilated front discs rear-wheel drive /

Weight: 3.109 kg.

Height: 180 inches

Width: 69.4 in.

Width: 58.7 in.

Wheelbase: 103.7 inches

Front / rear track: 60.2 / 60.2 inches

Cargo space: 11.6 cubic feet

Seating: 5

Wheels: 18 inches

Tires: P215/45R18, Dunlop SP Sport 5000

Highway / city fuel economy of EPA: mpg of 29/22

The observed average: 24 mpg file

Recommended fuel: 87 octane

Fuel tank: 15.3 gallons

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